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NDNPA Acknowledges NP Preceptors

Posted 8 months ago by Melissa Eslinger

The NDNPA has initiated a program to recognize NP preceptors who practice and serve NP students attending ND NP programs. The NDNPA has requested that ND NP program directors submit a list of preceptors to be recognized. In appreciation for their efforts in helping promote and advance the NP profession by sharing their time and knowledge, the NDNPA board will list and recognize the NP preceptors on the NDNPA webpage and Facebook. In addition, each preceptor will be provided with a $100 discount for the annual NDNPA pharmacology conference.

Please join us in acknowledging the valuable education these preceptors are providing to NP students attending ND NP programs!

  • Kayla Abrahamson, DNP, FNP-C - Northland Health McClusky Health Center, McClusky
  • Jackie Grunefelder, FNP - Linton Medical Center, Linton
  • Forrest Hirsch, NP-C - CHI St. Alexius Health Garrison Family Clinic, Garrison
  • Susan Lardy, FNP - CHI St. Alexius Bismarck Hospital, Bismarck
  • Danielle McPherson, FNP-C - CHI St. Alexius Mandan Medical Plaza, Mandan
  • Carrie Meckle, FNP, APRN, CNP - Sanford Medical Center,    Bismarck
  • Camille Meyhoff, FNP - Sanford Medical Center,    Bismarck
  • Mary Sprague, FNP-C - Family Healthcare, Fargo
  • Brad Stork, FNP-C - The Bone and Joint Center, Bismarck
  • Anna Wolf, MSN, APRN, FNP-C - CHI St. Alexius Medical Center Williston,    Williston 
  • Sara Wiedrich, FNP-C - CHI St. Alexius Bismarck - Heart & Lung Clinic, Bismarck
  • Mandy Rath, MSN, APRN, FNP-C - Four Seasons Wellness, Steele
  • Jenna Meldahl, FNP, APRN, CNP - Sanford East Mandan Clinic, Mandan
  • Amy Gotvaslee, FNP, APRN, CNP - Sanford Bismarck South Clinic, Bismarck
  • Nicholee Roesler, DNP, FNP-C - Sanford Walk-In, Fargo
  • Vanessa Skolness, DNP, FNP-C - Sanford Fargo Endocrinology, Fargo
  • Jenna Wallace, DNP, FNP-C - Sanford Fargo Family Practice, Fargo
  • Carrie Nelson, DNP, FNP-C - NDSU Student Health Services, Fargo
  • Anna Thomas, DNP, FNP-C    - Essentia Family Practice, Fargo
  • Sara Schafer, APRN, CNP - Essentia Family Practice    
  • Linda Lohnes, APRN, CNP - Essentia Health, Detroit Lakes    
  • Dennis Chakua            
  • Chad Rasmussen            
  • Jackie Roberts            
  • Taryn Boom            
  • Abigail Nelson            
  • Beth Brynjulson