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Dissertation Project: Preconception Care

Posted 7 months ago in Dissertation or Study

My name is Naomi Meier and I am a graduate Family Nurse Practitioner student at NDSU in Fargo. My dissertation project will be focusing on educating women of reproductive age about preconception care through a free educational seminar in Fargo. Although my focus is providing education to women in the community, I am also hoping to reach healthcare providers. I want to encourage providers to screen women at every routine healthcare visit to identify women planning pregnancy or that could become pregnant. By identifying these women prior to pregnancy, my hope is that a woman’s health can be optimized to reduce adverse outcomes for mother and baby related to pregnancy.

My plan is to disburse a 1–2-page informational sheet for healthcare providers to utilize that focuses on addressing preconception components during routine healthcare visits. The recommendations will likely come directly from ACOG recommendations.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I would gladly provide more information. 

Naomi Meier