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Annual Report 2019 - Legislative Report

Posted over 1 year ago

The legislature was in session this year from Jan. to May 2019. We had several bills that we developed and supported. The bills that had success were:

Senate Bill 2130 and allowing APRN to verify for special hunting permits. Senate Bill 2184 with definition updates in the laws for Work Force Safety. House Bill 1126 allowing Basic Care facilities to utilize Hospice for end of life clients. NDNPA also supported continuing Medicaid Expansion in ND

Please see the full NDNPA Tracking Document on our website for all bills that were successful and those that failed.

The interim legislative session is now meeting. The most recent meeting was in the Health Care committee chaired by Rep. Kaiser. Bills relating to cost of meds and insurance were reviewed at the last meeting and Paula Moch, FNP was there representing NDNPA.

If you identify any barriers to practice please reach out to the legislative tracking team with NDNPA for how to proceed and work together to address and hopefully resolve the issues. Please go onto the web site nd.legis and look at the website and agendas and times of meetings and let the committee know if you would like to attend.

I will be turning over my duties on this committee. I am retiring from some of the activities to allow new fresh ideas from our wonderful nurse practitioner community to evolve.

We will host a legislative breakfast again in Jan. 2021 at the Capitol in Bismarck. Look for details to come in 2020.

North Dakota Nurse Practitioner Association Legislation Tracking Team
Cheryl Rising: 701‐527‐2583‐retiring
Jenna Herman: 612‐518‐3647‐also the AANP state rep
Tara Brandner: 701‐471‐9745‐NDNPA President

Additional Legislative Committee
Tisha Scheuer:
Allison Peltier:
Paula Moch: